Homemade Butter

1. Chill 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and 1 marble (yes, you read right – a marble) for one hour.

2. Pour the cream and the marble into a container you are able to seal.

3. Shake.  (This takes a LONG time, so be sure to have other people with you to take turns shaking.  We set the timer and the kids took 2 min turns)

4. After about 15 min, the cream will thicken and you wont be able to hear the marble.  Keep shaking (another 15-30 min!).

5. You will hear the marble again when the butter begins to form lumps. In addition to the lumps, there will be a milky liquid in the container.

6. Pour the whole thing into a strainer.  You may want to save the buttermilk for later.

7. Put the butter back into the bowl and run cold water over the top.  Keep rinsing until the runoff is clear.

8. Firmly press the butter in order to get out any remaining liquid.

9. Press the butter into a mold or small dish.

10. Chill and serve.

Making Butter

Travis: This was fun!

Emily: The marble was weird. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it.

Lindsay: I liked shaking and hearing the marble in the butter. It was fun.


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